Why Summer Is A Great Time To Be Active

There will be many times in the year when ladies will want to get more active and get themselves fit. Some will do so as a new year’s resolution. Others might set a target such as a 10K or half marathon run or a long distance walk, with a training regime to get fit in time.

Others might want to get fit for a special reason, such as an upcoming wedding with a desire to get in great shape for their wedding dress.

However, if ever there was a perfect time to get some cheap women’s activewear online, summer is it. Unless you have a special date with an accompanying deadline, the early months of the year can be a big challenge. Gym can be tough to keep up and outdoor activity is hardly a compelling prospect on dark and cold days.

Summer is another matter. The weather is warmer, the days are longer and, if your figure is not looking great in comparison with all the beach bodies some of your friends or colleagues can show off, you can be motivated to do something serious about it. This is especially so if your holiday comes later in the summer and you still have time to get in better shape.

The first benefit is having lots of evening daylight. Even in southern locations like London the next sunset before 9 pm won’t be until late July, while in the north of England this won’t happen until August. In Scotland, sunsets occur later than 10pm. All that means lots of time after work for those doing 9-5 to get outdoors and go running or playing sport.

Summer sports can be a particular attraction of this time of year. Wimbledon can inspire some to take up tennis, while women’s cricket is a growing sport, not least as it features in this summer’s Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

Of course, the stars playing these sports, as well as the athletes racing around the track at Birmingham’s Alexandra Stadium, will have their sponsored gear, designer footwear and top-of the range bats and rackets. But you don’t need to do that.

To get fit, it’s not about spending money on the fanciest outfit, but getting a good bargain for something that helps you to get out there and run, jump, hit a ball or whatever else will help you enjoy sport and get fit.

Having the right gear is about comfort, convenience and safety. That means you need footwear that can withstand the bumps and impacts of running on hard surfaces (unless you run on the beach), clothing that is flexible and comfortable to run around in without getting too hot, and useful extras like shades and a sunhat to avoid you being dazzled or burned in the sun.

Of course, you will need some sun cream if you have fair skin and to take plenty of fluids with you to stay hydrated, especially if you are active in the hotter part of the day.

Putting all that together, you will be fully equipped to get out there and make the most of summer.


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