Girls’ Fashion For Spring 2022

Parents can be forgiven for thinking about kids’ fashion remains the same year in, year out. But you don’t see many youngsters wearing the matching tracksuits we wore during the ‘80s or the baggy full-length dungarees of the ‘90s anymore, proving the point that styles are constantly evolving – even for children.

So, what are the latest fashion trends girls are set to adopt this spring?


  • Cropped jackets

Something lots of young ladies will be asking for this season is a high-waisted cropped jacket, which goes with any outfit, from comfortable shorts and a T-shirt to a smart summery dress.


  • Baggy tops

Although belly tops are still enjoying their time in the limelight (again), kids will also like to wear oversized tops this spring.

New York Family says: “This is a comfortable trend that is super easy and one that your child will love!”

Long waistlines, big sleeves and oversized necks will be huge (excuse the pun), as children are prioritising function over fashion at the moment. Let your child choose bright colours for their baggy items of clothing to help bring the outfit to life.


  • Complete sets

While two-piece outfits are set to be big this season, it will still be important they match. Lots of stores will do tops and skirts or shorts in the same pattern, which not only works with the trend, but allows girls to buy items that fit them perfectly.

The top half of a matching set is typically a cropped T-shirt, highlighting the distinction between the two pieces of clothing.


  • Patterned dresses

Having said that, girls’ dresses will still be big over the spring / summer months, as they are cooler and more comfortable to wear once the temperature rises.

Choose dresses with striking patterns, from polka dot to leopard print, Aztec to floral, stripes to mosaics. Prints give children the chance to really express themselves, choosing pattern and colour combinations that bring out their personalities, so let your little one pick a garment that she really loves.

Patterns don’t begin and end with dresses though, and youngsters will love detailing on their T-shirts, palazzo pants and cheap girls’ nightwear too.


  • Strawberry prints

One print that will be everywhere this season is strawberries. These were seen in collections from some of the biggest designers, from Stella McCartney to Gucci, for their spring/summer 2022 looks.

As Junior Magazine says: “These luscious berries with all their connotations of lazy summer days and their natural fructose high are everywhere!”


  • Colour blocking

As well as intricate patterns, colour blocking will also be popular, with girls loving clean lines and big, bold shades. This gives a sporty edge to outfits, so is ideal for shorts, T-shirts, and Lycra dresses for that contemporary, active look.


  • Trench coats

Let’s face it, even in spring/summer, you need to cover up in Britain, so why not get your little one a trendy trench coat this season?

In contrast to the bright patterns and bold colour blocking styles, neutrals are also going to be a hit. What’s more, having a beige-coloured jacket means it will go with any outfit, meaning you only need one coat to last until the autumn.


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