Choosing The Best Clothes For Warm Weather

Now March has arrived, spring is definitely in the air. The days are getting lighter and longer, the crocuses and daffodils are sprouting up from the ground, the ponds are full of gelatinous frogspawn that reminds many people of sago pudding in their primary school dinners and, joy of joys, it is starting to warm up.

Of course, it may be a little while before the warm winter coat, thermal leggings, gloves and hat can be safely consigned to the cupboard and draws, but the fact is that warm days are approaching, making now a good time to start thinking about your clothes for the months ahead.


How Much To Show?

Of course, the idea of summer fashion brings mixed responses. To some, it’s a chance to change to shorts or summer dresses, or head to the beach in a bikini and get a tan, all displaying lots of body positivity and enjoying the feeling of freedom that dressing light can bring.

Others are less keen to show off any flesh or display any physical contour lines, having taken comfort in the fact that they have been able to keep these relatively concealed under layers of warm garments in the winter months.

Clearly, therefore, different solutions are needed depending on how much you want to show off.


Legwear Leeway

While some may be concerned about their waistline, others will feel very differently about showing off their legs. It’s not just a matter how much cellulite is there, but how comfortable you might feel revealing it. The same goes for birthmarks, scars from operations and accidents or any other marks. Some wear them with pride and others would rather not let the world see them.

The good news is there is plenty of choice out there. If you do want to keep things covered up, cotton trousers are a great option. Tight-fitting jeans keep the heat in and can become very sweaty and uncomfortable, while cotton keeps things cool and airy.

What’s more, if they are wide and baggy they will also be fashionable, somewhat emulating Gigi Hadid’s wide trouser look.

An alternative to this is a maxi dress that keeps your legs well covered, even if you may not quite look like Daisy Edgar-Jones in it.

However, if you do want to go for shorts, there are loads of options.

Denim shorts remain very fashionable and while the heat-retention element remains, this will not affect your legs so much. The main question is just how short, with this fashion switching from year to year to deciding how much hint of bum you are happy to show.


Crop or Covered Top?

Similar questions can be asked when it comes to matters above the waistline. Some may imagine that those who show off a bit more bust do so because they have a few more curves, but while many are happy to proudly display this, others will be happy with what they have got.

Equally, as ever, there will be those who prefer to cover up and not just if they are fairly less-well endowed; others may prefer not to draw attention to one area to the exclusion of all else.

As ever, there will be loads of options for tops that cover more or less, so don’t be afraid to try different things.


Stay Dry

Finally, while spring and summer will be warmer, don’t forget to stay on top of your wet weather clothes provision, for we all know the capricious British weather will bring plenty of days when everything will need to be covered up.


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