Are 90’s Fashions About To Make A Comeback?

For those of us who can remember the 1990’s, the news that Gen Z are enthusiastically adopting the fashions of the era will probably provoke mixed feelings. On the one hand, there was some dodgy footwear and questionable crop tops. On the other hand, there were also some great styles such as mom jeans and slinky satin dresses.

Here are a few 90’s trends that we might be seeing a lot of this spring!


Cargo pants

Leading fashion designers sent models down the catwalk in cargo pants for their spring/summer 2022 collections. These army-style trousers were a ubiquitous fashion item among the 90’s youth, inspired by the pop groups of the era such as All Saints. As well as looking cool, they are super comfy and practical. A welcome comeback, we say!


The mini skirt

The 1990s were sometimes referred to as the 1960s turned on its head, and this inevitably meant the return of the miniskirt. Teamed with trainers and a cropped T shirt, the mini was the go-to uniform of the 1990’s teenager on a night out, and a favourite of pop stars such as Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears.

The mini skirt is now making yet another comeback for spring, and has been spotted on catwalks by designers such as Mui Mui and Missoni. If minis are not your thing any more, don’t worry, maxi dresses and skirts are also big news for the summer.


Slinky satin

The 1990s were the high point of all things satin: shirts, dresses, even jackets. Now satin is fashionable again, and this time, it’s teamed with sequins for that all year-round sparkle. Woman and Home advises that if you are going to go for this look, balance it out by keeping jewellery, prints, and other accessories to a minimum, otherwise you may look OTT.


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