5 Ways To Dress Up Your Loungewear

Loungewear came into its own during the lockdowns of the past couple of years, as we all strived to be comfortable while working from home, no longer needing to be dressed in office-appropriate attire.

But as the pandemic wanes, our loungewear attire is becoming mainstream, with even fashion designers bringing a certain comfort-chic to the runways of fashion shows. We have a look at five tips for dressing up your loungewear for when you’re ready to re-engage with your social life again!


  1. Crop Your Oversize Tee

If you’ve gained a collection of comfy oversized t-shirts that you’ve been cosying up in all day, a great way to wear them out is to create a cropped effect by tucking the hem of the garment into the band of a sports bra.


  1. Elevate Your Nap Dress

The long, loose dresses you have been lazing around in, nap dresses, were huge in 2020, as they were the ideal loungewear. But simply pairing with some accessories and a pair of strappy sandals can create a bohemian chic look.


  1. Accessorise

The right accessories can transform an outfit. While cycle shorts and a crop top suggest it’s time for yoga, adding oversized sunglasses, combat boots, and gold jewellery will help you achieve athleisure chic.


  1. Go Monochrome

There’s a reason why suits can look sophisticated, wrapping the wearer in head-to-toe monochrome. Matching sets of grey, black, or white loungewear can help you achieve the same sophistication. All while being very comfy!


  1. Throw Some Heels On

Pyjama-style clothing in public has become quite on-trend, especially when made from luxury fabrics or with fun features such as fur trims. But if you’re doubting if you can dress that outfit up further, just add some party-ready heels, and complete the look with some chandelier style earrings.


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